Saturday, November 19, 2011

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Cycling in Banting

I took the single lane road to Sg Buaya heading towards Jugra and I was welcomed by vast fields of palm oils as far as the eye can see and the intermittent honking of cars brought me back to reality. Somewhere near the fields, I saw a lone man fishing near the tiny stream running along the plantation.That was by far the bestest cycling trip ever. I can't believe I spent all my childhood discovering Pulau and getting chased by some fierce dogs out there. On the other hand, because of the narrow roads, I had to share the space with motorbikes, cars and some heavy trucks. On my way back, a herd of cows were racing towards me, and I had to stop momentarily to decide on where to go when I realise someone was herding them from behind on a motorbike. LOL. Things have definitely changed in Banting. Not to mention some cars with children inside them that slowed down to stare at me and the awe-faced children from an open restaurant I had to turn my head to look because they were screaming and pointing fingers at me. Really? Tomorrow I'm heading towards Morib. Let's see if I can get back in one piece!

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