Thursday, January 19, 2012

# food

Chinese New Year Lunch @ Purtajaya Marriott

They had 6-7 course lunch, and for me-vegetarianised!

And your flight attendant today is...
The menu
The starter was a traditional yee sang, this is the original version
The smaller plate was my vegetarian version
The chinese herbal tea, smelled good, tasted meh
I didn't like this soup, it was too bland and had a weird meat stock taste
The real deal-shark's fin soup
Something something chicken
Hot, melt in your mouth tofu cooked in sweet-sour lemon sauce
Fish cooked in spicy coconut milk
Vegetarian chicken (made of fermented tofu) cooked with cashews for me!
Fucking crispy popiahs
Mixed vegetable with yam pieces and shrimps
My mock fish, didn't like it so much. Note the fork and spoon (not very good with chopscticks)
Garlic fried rice (couldn't finish it all, by now I was getting full)
Red bean soup with lotus seeds. Not everyone liked it but I finished off my bowl because it was low in sugar and ugly looking but it tasted just fine to me
The special house dessert. Yellow looking thing is the Japanese mochi, a slice of cappucino cake (we also celebrated Brian's birthday) and a fried ball of lotus paste (re-used oil, smelled of meat so I l took two bites and thats it)  

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