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KL Review: Jason Cheong Dental Surgery Bangsar

Few weeks ago, I noticed 3 visible dents in my son's teeth and also a bit decaying-the early signs of caries in his baby teeth. I had been a poor parent, neglecting to brush his teeth regularly and especially at bedtime. I had also allowed him to nurse (he is going to be 3, yes!) at night and it has taken its toll

I asked around on Facebook and I was given a name for a pediatric dentist in Bangsar. His clinic is just across Bala's Banana Leaf restaurant

And he is a fantastic doctor. He is good with children, there are plenty of toys and books to keep children of all ages occupied. They also have tiny chairs for children. The ambiance was neat, clean and the staffs were friendly

I had walked in without an appointment at 10 am and they had slotted me in at 12 pm. My son occupied himself with the toys there and the whole experience was very nice. In the dental room, they had TV mounted on the wall for children to watch while he checks their mouth. When my son went it, it was tuned to Dora

The whole check-up lasted no more than 10 minutes and after that was the usual Q and A about his teeth care and I was told to stop nursing him altogether. He also informed me that Viaan's final 4 molars are coming out because his gums were swollen at the back of his mouth. I was also given a tooth mousse to apply on his teeth before he goes to sleep because second to brushing, the mousse will strengthen his teeth and works as a barrier to decay

And now for the grand finale-the tab on the whole thing cost me RM 160 (RM 80 for consultation and RM 80 for the mousse) It is a fair rate, given the location of the dental clinic (prime area) and the service provided. More good news to come when I went to collect his mousse from the receptionist. She informed me clients are only charged for consultation for their first visit, and all subsequent consultations are free. I will only be charged with procedure done. She went in detail to explain this to me. No way in any dental clinic, let alone a pediatric dental clinic will check your children's teeth for free. But at Dr Cheong's, it is free

Now that's what I call a deal!

Here's the link to their FB page. Alternatively, you can ring them at 03-2287 9187 to make an appointment

Their address is  36, Jalan Telawi, Bangsar Baru, 5

Please note that this is not a paid review, it is just my take based on my personal experience

Just look at the pricing for teeth whitening, there are many options and prices available to meet everyone's budget needs

I was allowed to take pictures of my son's teeth from the doctor's monitor

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