Thursday, January 5, 2012

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Weird Dream

Weird Dream

I had a weird dream few days back. I'm my dream I was following Hare Krsna cult for a chariot procession and my dad kept passing me this tiny plastic bags of "prasads" or holy-tidbit-offerings. Then he went abroad and gave me the holy fan made of peacock feathers. I told him that is too much and to return it when I noticed a familiar face I had seen at the procession shouting OI at me and giving me a chase. I ran away from him, still clutching the fan when the dream shifted from night to day. I was teleported back in time to the Hare Krsna for kids series illustration. Everywhere were lush greeneries and fruits hanging form trees. Then at the corner of my eye, I caught glimpse of a blue bodied teenage going after a peacock. I gave him a chase, when I caught up to him, stopped him from chasing the poor peacock. I scolded him, and explained that the peacock's feathers are meant to ward off other animals, not for decorations because he had peacock feather attached to his turban and a peacock feather necklace around his neck. He grumbled and laughed off. Can you imagine, having a dream and scolding this blue boy who is actually the Hindu god Krsna. How weird is that? Suddenly, I was teleported again in my dream and I see his mum and an angry mob chasing me down with picks, axe, fire torches and sticks accusing me of kidnapping baby Krsna.

Well, thats all I can remember of my dream. 

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