Friday, July 27, 2012

Books on Friday

I went to the local weekly market in the Street Mall during lunch and bought three books for myself, Satish and a porn for my brother. haha

Tis was my good luck I came across Stardust, its always either sold out and never available at such a cheap price (RM32) even at Big Bad Wolf Bookstores. The Kamasutra thing (RM20), is just to complete a set I have of sex books; one for Arab which really translates to why Arab men are the way they are now-mentally handicapped and a doomed race. The Friedrich book (RM 32)was a nice leather bound book but smelled nasty because of the cheap pirated Indian print but hey this stuff is hard to get any where in this country and I've wanted to read it after seeing his poster in Little Miss Sunshine (the movie, people the movie!)

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