Monday, July 30, 2012

Farewell Party @Vertigo

After declining many a parties with the office mates, I decided to throw the hat and join them for a farewell party, and also because I kind of liked the brother-sister duo. Vertigo was kind of hard to find in Mid Valley so we followed well heeled teenyboopers (the retarded KL guide mag in Corus Hotel is just bull crap, its anything but adults here) which eventually led us to gSix and Vertigo. 

The waiting period was a killer and I was getting very annoyed. Close to midnight we were allowed in and after much drinking, watching office mates getting drunk, my brother at borderline wasted and being pushed aside by drunk kissing couple LOL it was disgusting to watch, mouth STD thank you very much!

Wasn't in mood to dance because the music and environment was catered specifically for young-uns with a penchant for R&B, hip hop and house. So if you're 21 and below (somehow we had some girls under that in our group which another colleague managed to sneak in)

Now the thing with the ID checker (lol thats what I call him) all dressed in black garb, already he is BLACK himself (never heard of white shirt before?!) was that he was dumb enough not to see that some guests were fooling him with fake IDs but he had the galls to stop the white guy in our group just because he didn't have his ID with him. Boo! So while my brother and him went down to get his ID from the car this Black Thing said something in my direction but luckily someone called and I didn't have to talk to him!

Overall, it cost us RM65 each and was kind of worth it. The VSOP cognac was so so smooth we had to literately man-handle my brother and wrestle him out of Vertigo. The end!

Anyways, some picture after the jump

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