Tuesday, November 20, 2012

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Wedding Lunch

Ah, this is indeed the most heaviest topic of discussion for weddings which also resulted in many a heated arguments among myself and my fiance. Sit down or buffet style? What kind of food will please people? What kind of drink goes with curried food? We both have different ideas for the wedding lunch and since this bit was sponsored by my aunt and mum they wanted to give us something for the wedding and to be done their way, since everything else is borne by me and him. I am grateful, at least one less thing I don't have to deal with. But my fiancee had other ideas so I was naturally inclined to his ideas but my mum and aunt had their own ideas so here I am in the middle. I wish she hadn't got so involved I hate too many cooks I know they will ruin my soup

Finally it dawned upon me this morning when I realised that my wedding guests have dwindled because 
A. the wedding is on a weekday 
B. people close to us are too lazy to take off work and show up for the wedding 
C. people are working on Friday and they can't get leave on that day

After putting down the phone I was running words in my minds, how they're going to play out when I tell my fiancee this news, and sure enough he was beyond pissed and he said he will let go this one. Its his way of telling I fucked up and its my fault. Sigh And this would mean that we won't be able to manage where guests will seat, because naturally people will move about and seat where they like if the sit down lunch isn't served

Anyways, if anyone wants to know which caterer can cook up good Indian food, at a reasonable price then please look for Harsheel Sidhu they make one of the best carrot dessert I have ever tasted. My wedding menu is going to look like this

Mini Samosas, Tea and Cordial Drink- Starters which will be served after the guests have settled in

Jeera Rice


Chana Gravy

Butter Paneer

Tawa Sabji

Aloo Bengan

Mock Chicken Masala

Dahi Bundi

Gajar Halwa

Cordial Drink

They're contactable at


No. 30 , Jalan Sibu 8 , Taman Wahyu

68100 Kuala Lumpur

H/P:012-3982991 / 016-3389125

FAX : 03-62514980

E- MAIL : hasheelsidhu@yahoo.com

Mdm Updesh Gill of Hasheel Sidhu
( H/P : 012-3982991 ) or hasheelsidhu@yahoo.com

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