Wednesday, December 12, 2012

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Life in Doha

Has been pretty much occupied with applying for jobs during the daytime and drinking in the evenings. Doha is no Dubai and every time we go to a pub we have to flash our passports or Qatar IDs to be allowed in. The weather now is truly balmy and nice, although it can get a bit windy in the afternoons and evenings. My thick Indian hair was literary flying vertically! Of course I couldn't do the expat wife thing and sit quietly-I saw the sea and the beach and I just had to discover it. And then fall down. And get seriously injured now I walk with a slight limp. We went to this place called the W hotel and to this dimly lit place called the Spice Market. Nothing to do with spice here of course but it had a great selection of made-to-order food, they have buffet and food cooked right in front of you so for vegans like us there's plenty of choices. Then we headed upstairs to this pub that had too many men (again, whats with men everywhere?) but the environment was nice and the music was good so we stayed till midnight then went back home. Home is a serviced apartment in the West Bay area. So today I went to the sauna and steam room to clear all the booziness off and came out feeling much much lighter and heady (sleepy I guess)

I'm just too lazy to type now so I'll put up some pictures that explains it all.
Sauna room in Ezdan
Corniche Street at 5pm
My dolls with Doha nightline at the back
Tending my cuts and bruises
Sea water was cool and clean!
Champions, Doha
The first picture ever, taken in Doha
First night at Doha-spent in Champions
Doha skyline in the afternoon

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