Tuesday, November 20, 2012

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Wedding Makeup

I know how some Indian people think that Chinese make up artists are better than Indian make up artists for Indian brides makeup but they are Chinese people and they will "whiten" Indian brides faces so their make up stick out like sore thumb on their wedding day. I hated this, and of course I scoured high and low for a proper wedding make up artist. I finally found one that did her work with air brush makeup. Air brush being the best way to go because it will give your face a "natural" make up sheen. When I skipped the trial and requested her for add-ons she threw in a stay back to touch up my makeup and pin my chundri on my hair 

And yes, she is a Chinese whose had experience doing dark skinned Indian brides, so after close scrutinizing and approving her work I decided to book her for my wedding. 

Name's Veron from http://www.pixie.com.my/

She is contactable at 

Update: I also think she stole my gold leaf earrings so I had to wear Priyu's during the wedding. Sigh there goes my 3K worth of gold

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