Monday, May 13, 2013

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A wedding in Ipoh

I hadn't been to my Perak aunt's place for the past 7 years, given that she's only 2 hours away from home. Well, all this changed when we received a wedding invitation to attend a relative's son's wedding in Ipoh. His mum being of my dad's clan in Malaysia, and because they had all attended my wedding, I decided to go. Of course not everything I plan works in my favor, something always pop up at the last minute to ruin my plan. My sister in law decided that she wanted to invite her boyfriend's family for lunch on the very same day. Good for me, I had planned my trip 1 month ahead and kept reminding everyone on daily basis that I have an event to attend. I wasn't about to change my plans to meet up with everyone else's last minute plans so off I went packing to Teluk Intan. I get to skip dish duty for once! I exited the North-South Highway from Damansara and took the Sungkai exit to reach Teluk Intan. It was interesting to drive with both my aunts, exchanging gossips and catching up on all my cousins, their wives and  kids (my nephews and nieces)

Dr Raj's family consists of doctors; himself, his two sons, his two nieces, uncles, aunties. After a while, I forgot whom the doctors and specialists were! If I could summarize the wedding reception in two words, it was an extravagant affair! Nothing was spared, from the 8 course sit down VEGETARIAN dishes to the Mercedes-Benz wedding gift from a father to his (very handsome) son I must say. No detail was missed, from the valet parking for each guests to the children's corner of chocolate fondue and marshmallows. The food was excellent, albeit being too much that we couldn't finish it all and by the time chocolate cake came to us, I was stuffed so I could only eat the strawberry and whipped cream. My dad took this as an opportunity to catch up with old friends and relatives, people we hadn't seen in ages. All in all it was a truly memorable event, whatnot with the performances from professional dancers and friends. And we were all given expensive door gifts, miniature perfume bottles for male and female guests.

I had a truly great time

The menu

Performances from a local group that had won ASEAN award

The bride, groom and the groom's family making an entrance

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