Friday, May 17, 2013

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Doha Review: Shanghai Garden @City Center, Doha

Tonight, after The Great Gatsby we went to the Shanghai Garden for dinner. It's located next to the cinema, behind a coffee shop. You won't miss it, it has this Chinese lanterns and heavy dark wood paneling all around. This place was packed tonight, because every night they offer buffet dinner for a really cheap price; 49 riyals and there's plenty of food selection to choose from and many people take advantage of both the price and food expecially during the weekends

We ordered ala carte food and had the cabbage and mushroom dish, it came unexpectedly in a soup bowl. The image in the menu booked showed stir-fried dish. Next up was the tofu and mushroom dish. We also ordered the sizzling tofu, and then we realised that the tofu and mushroom dish was EXACTLY the same as the sizzling dish, the only difference was they way it was cooked. One was stir-fried and the other sizzling-fried

Overall, we would probably think twice before coming back here again. Firstly, the service was slow. It took them a good 30 minutes before our food came to the table. Secondly, the waiter was not helpful in helping us decide on vegetarian dishes. He failed to mention that we ordered the same dish albeit the cooking method. Thirdly, it was too crowded and the wireless machine went kaput so we had to pay at the reception. On the bright side, they gave us 20 riyals voucher off the next meal

The sizzling tofu and vegetables is a must try

Our tab for the day

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