Friday, May 31, 2013

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Doha Review: Al Tai Medical Center

Last week I went to see another ob/gyn for a second opinion. My first visit was to Boston Medical Care but the doctor there didn't impress me much and didn't give me the thorough-non-google explanation I was so carving. Dr. Samira Al-Tai is by far the bestest gynecologist in Doha! Of course I was flooding her with questions in my usual panicky way and exasperated she must be; she took out a diagram and showed me how things should work and what I should worry about and what I was doing wrong. I have a follow-up with her on the 6th June and I will surely update you more on how that goes!

I liked the clinic's overall presentation, it is well maintained. Segregated rooms, complete with the daily newspapers in English and Arabic as well as a thermos of hot, sweet Arab tea and plenty of paper cups. The waiting room looked well worn but also well maintained. Her office table on the other hand was glistening (too much wood buff) and my notebook kept slipping on the surface. Of course insurance paid everything!

Update: I went for my appointment this morning and the doctor was absolutely amazing. Her explanation made sense, she gave choices to think over, advised what to do, encouraged my husband to go for a check up and was open about her medical opinion and judgement

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