Friday, May 31, 2013

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Doha Review: Restaurant Jakarta

This small restaurant reminds me so much of "mix rice" hawker and stalls in Malaysia. They had few selection of cooked items; the beef rendang. the chicken curry, spicy brinjals swimming in oil, pecal, fried noodles, fried tempeh (yeay!) and dessert. We went after the lunch hour rush so we missed the major selection of food to choose from. Nevertheless, it was cheap to the wallet and filling to the stomach

I don't know the exact location of this place, other than it being in the C-ring road area and alot of Malaysian and Indonesian expats come here for lunch.

Some pictures of what I had for lunch...

I had whatever vegetarian option there was; the fried tempehs, spicy brinjals and tempeh. Also a side dish of chili sambal (means paste)

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