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Doha Review: Thai Jasmine Restaurant, Souq Waqif

The other day my husband and I went to this Thai restaurant in Souq Waqif; the Thai Jasmine Restaurant. I know many food reviewers say that they have the "very Thai authentic taste" etc etc but really what they have is fresh vegetables (spring onion, Chinese coriander) that makes the staple Thai food tasty. However, our ice lemon tea tasted very Thai-like because their lemon tea is both sweet and bitter, unlike the Malaysian version which is more sweet than bitter. While in most Asian country, you will find that they use small chilies known as the "paddy chilli" grind into a paste and used for either cooking or provided to you in a plate along with a bottle of soy sauce to mix it with. They'd also provide a small ramekin of red chili paste/powder for you to spice up your dish. Here in Doha, they merely cook all their dishes in black pepper and if you want your dish to be spicy they just add paddy chilies on top of that. Not really authentic Thai but they make do.

So, what we had for dinner was keuy teow-fat, flat noodles and fried rice. They made it vegetarian for us. My husband's keuy teow was spicy because of all the paddy chilies added in. We also had fried mushroom salad which was good, it tasted very much like Thai peanut salad. For dessert, we had the mango sticky rice.  Since the portions were very big, we couldn't finish it so we had the leftovers packed.

They also have buffet dinner daily, but nothing was vegetarian there so we opted for ala carte. They also have Hong Kond style dishes (dim sums and duck meat mostly) Overall, I would say that this place serves good Thai food in a healthy portion, although they're a bit overly priced. To get there, ask around for the women's mosque. This place is on the 1st floor of the mosque building

Here are the pictures after the jump

The iced lemon tea, this was both bitter and sweet

My husband's spicy keuy teow. He couldn't finish it because it was that hot! Note the generous amount of paddy chilies used in the frying

The fried mushroom salad, this was particularly good. The gravy was sweet, sour and spicy-truly Thai

My vegetarian fried rice, it stated spicy in the menu but it wasn't hot enough. Nevertheless, you can see the huge portion

Our tab came to 205 riyals. Here's the breakdown:

2 Iced lemon tea = 36 riyals

1 keuw teow vegetarian = 40 riyals

1 khaw pad vegetable (mushroom salad vegetarian) = 29 riyals

1 fried rice vegetarian = 40 riyals

1 mango sticky rice = 60 riyals

TOTAL = 205 riyals

Please note that if you're vegetarian they also custom make some some dishes for you. Ask for the fried tofu

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