Sunday, May 12, 2013

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Gold Souq Doha

Having never gone to the Gold Souq despite being here for since last year, we decided to check out this place. And indeed it was an expensive sight to behold. Never have I seen gold being displayed so openly for the public. They had so many designs; the local Qatari designs, Indian/Bollywood and Western styles. While gold prices are plummeting all round the world, it certainly didn't affect the gold price here in Doha. 24 carat gold was going for 160 riyals per gram and 22 carat was 150 riyals per gram. If gold is not your thing, they also have diamonds (with certificates of authenticity)  for sale. These diamonds even specify where they were dug, cut and polished. The gems were priced according to that.

The jewelries adorned the walls of the washroom and the toilet

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