Friday, May 31, 2013

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Doha Review: Women only salon

I followed my husband to Najma for his usual haircut last week. I didn't want to wait for his haircut at his men-only salon so we walked to a women-only salon. There were two in a row, with a few shops apart. I went into the first one, since it had the least waiting people. Maybe weekend isn't such a good idea to go for facial because when I stepped out to tell my husband that I will be in the first salon and then STEPPED BACK IN and found 3 more people in the waiting area. Also, I found that facials here can be pretty steep. A full face threading costs about 60 riyals and with additional "shawma" (which I think is Arabic for waxing) is about 80 riyals. There was a list of laminated paper with price lists at the paying counter. I totally forgot to take a picture of that.

After much waiting; about 40 minutes to be exact finally my turn came to clean my face off facial hair. My dresser was slow but her work was good. I came out feeling very "fresh-faced" I would recommend the facial at this salon but nothing else. They have about 3 girls working at the same time and they all dip their fingers in the wax, so avoid fancy "shawma" and go to the threading. I bought my own wet tissue to wipe off my face after she was done. 

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