Thursday, June 6, 2013

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Doha Review: Al Magrabi Eye, Ear and Dental Center Part I

You know something, I find the doctors in Doha very withholding in terms of information and diagnosis provided to patients. Of all the doctors I have been to, I think the best was probably my dentist in Queen Dental Center in City Center.

I hated calling this clinic, every time I do they put me on hold and the person at the other end is usually rude and impatient. Sometimes I think they don't really care about having patients.Dr Ahmed in Al Magrabi is an ophthalmologist with more than 10 of experience performing LASIK surgery. I will reserve my judgement about him until me second appointment next week at 10 am. They will perform a "cornea check" to establish the thickness of my cornea and also if my eyes are in a suitable condition for the LASIK procedure.

Upon registering, they deducted 275 Riyals as consultation fee from my insurance provider. Then I was issued an appointment card. Afterwards I was ushered into a room for eye test. All this took probably about 15 minutes. Then I was to go to another waiting room for Dr. Ahmed. He then ran the same eye test that I had with his assistant himself plus some light tests for my eyes (again why is that the doctors don't think its necessary to explain whatever checking procedure they're doing to patient?) and decided that my eyes were dry and issued me the same medicine my Malaysian doctor had prescribed; the Hylo-Comod. I was to apply this to my eyes 3 times a day. Duh. I showed him my Restasis issued from my Malaysian doctor last year and he was kind of shocked; like really I had that? He thought that it wasn't necessary for me. He then ordered for two more tests but needed approval from my insurance so I was to come back again for these two tests (cornea tests)

And I will update you again once I am done with my second appointment!

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