Thursday, June 6, 2013

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Doha Review: Family Food Center near Airport Road

This large red building is hard to miss, when you land and come out of the airport one of the first few landmarks you see is the brightly painted red Family Food Center building which houses a mall, and a handful of fast food restaurants (Mc Donalds, Bombay Chowpatty, etc)

In my opinion, the food here is cheaper than in City Center, and my tab came up to 169 Riyals for much of the same items that would probably cost me more than 200 Riyals in the latter mall. I bought some microwavable Indian food stuff, a packet of dry soy mock meat, some vegetables, and found a bottle of vegetarian soya sauce! They also have a massive selection of pickles and Indian spices as well as odd items (IMHO) like banana sauce, pickled banana and banana powder!

On my way out, I came across this small hut attached to the mall that sold ala-carte vegetarian food (rice and vegetables) Unfortunely here in Doha, they don't sell mix rice concept (where you can mix a few vege dishes with your rice) and they sell in terms of "half" and "full" so I packed "half" rice, and halves of gobi manchurian and paneer dhal. This came to 28 Riyals

Overall it was an interesting shopping experience, you will find more Indian and Qatari here than in West Bay. It kind of felt like I was in India

The vegetarian hut at the exit of the mall, the food here is reasonably priced but the stern faced worker isn't very helpful or hospitable to customers.

Update, these pictures were taken last weekend when I went there again with my husband for Diwali shopping, armed with a lengthy list from my mother in law haha

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