Sunday, June 16, 2013

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Doha Review: Haircut at Cute Cut in City Center

Ah. A hair salon with a cliche name. What to make of it?

I had been very skeptical about cutting my hair here in Doha, whatnot with its segregated hair salons and the crappy service they provide to users. Eventually my hair condition and length prompted me to finally take the risk and jump headfirst into the only hair salon that I know of in West Bay; The Cute Curl at City Center. This small salon is located on the 3rd floor of City Center, right before the turn to the food court. They also provide hair cut for small children; both boys and girls and for female adults a variety of hair cuts and treatments as well as mani/pedi. The price for a haircut was unreasonably expensive while the price for waxing and threading were affordable. They have two types of workers here, the Filipinos that does the hair and the Indians that does the threading and waxing. I went there on Friday to see how it was and what they did and the lady sitting at the counter was kind enough to write down their number for bookings (yes you need one if your'e going for a hairdo on a weekend) They had all their treatments' prices listed next to the reception desk on the wall, but not on the pamphlet I was given so I took the liberty to write down some of the treatments' prices for you

The hair wash basins

The waiting area

The walkway

The entrance

The stylists salon

One hour before I decided to cut my hair, on a weekend, I called them up and booked a session with a senior stylist. The lady at the other end of the phone didn't seem to get "senior stylist" and I was afraid they'd cock this up but surprisingly they didn't. Just to test them further, I showed up 15 mins late and the stylist they had assigned for me was waiting for me. When she was washing my hair I asked about her experiences and the kind of crowd they get there. She had been doing this for the past 6 years in Doha prior to that spent 2 years in Philippines. She was helpful with styling and understood about 90% of my instructions so all in all it was a good experience. I had wanted a sharp-bang look but she gave me a U-bang look. I liked my fringe though, I had requested for a deep-right-side-swept hair, kind of like a female Justin Beiber with a longer fringe that I could put behind my ears and well this came out fine

I also noticed several Qatari ladies in the waiting area, all I thought were in there for a haircut but it turns out they were there to shape their eyebrows. So this place is a hit for locals and well, someone like me?

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