Sunday, June 16, 2013

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Doha Review: The Tofu Place in Megamart at Salwa Road

There is quaint Indonesian restaurant located on the ground floor of Megamart on Salwa Road right behind Radisson Blu hotel. The entrance is easy to miss, probably because it doesn't shout like "hey look at me I am a mall!" Like all malls in Doha, you will have to forgive the exterior of the mall, it looks run down but the inside of it is well maintained. The Mega Mart here stores a variety of imported food from the US and its allies. You will find packaging in English/Spanish etc. You know, the real deal without the Arab translation side-by-side. But I got to warn you the prices can be hefty. So if you're missing "home" food then this is the place to get it from. Ok, lets not stray from the restaurant review. So this restaurant is located in another ugly looking building opposite of Megamart's parking and side entrance (find the entrance to the kid's furniture and Hello Kitty section) You won't miss it, its the only other 2-3 storey building in the mall's compound.

The last time I was here I had ordered the karedok and tofu which is a mix of steamed vegetables and tofu with peanut sauce. In Malaysia we call it the pecal. Apparently it used to be spicy but after much complains they toned down the spiciness. They also sell yellow tofu, pre-fried tofu, raw tempeh, tempeh fried in spicy sauce, peanut sauce, a motley of other stuff I can type intelligently and a good selection of chips

Anyhow, I wanted to get the price lists so the last time I went there I managed to take pictures and try a different tofu dish. They have a decent selection of vegetarian options but the portions are really small (that's why it's so cheap) so I had to order two items; the karedok and fried tofu in soup topped with spring onions

So if you are carving for South East Asian food, namely Indonesian and Malaysian Malay cuisine then this is the place to get it, the food is reasonably priced

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