Monday, June 17, 2013

# jobstreet english exam # jobstreet english test

JobStreet's English Assessment Test

I got another job offer today, to work as a UNIX administrator in charge of setting up systems and maintaining them as well as scripting (shell and Perl!) whoo~ Unfortunately the offer was in Malaysia so I had to decline. What a loss, they were giving a pretty decent pay, but the office was in a bad location (at Mid Valley, don't think I could bring myself to work at some place located so close to the biggest shopping mall in South East Asia, plus the traffic jam at rush hour- in Mid Valley that's at all times of the day

With all the copy-paste-edit into my mspaint, I still had 5 minutes to spare to finish the test and even found out where I screwed up. *pats herself on the back* Not bad for a non-native speaker

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