Monday, June 17, 2013

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With Too Much Time In My Hands...

Someone once said over lunch that I could email the magazine editors in Qatar with articles deem worth for them to publish on their site/magazine. Someone else told me they hired fresh graduates from native English speaking countries, namely Canada, UK and the US. Now, this I found hard to believe but after a random message I sent to them yesterday-which caught their attention I'm beginning to think she may be right. They're cheap, they're fresh from school and it's probably cool for them to be a writer in a fashion magazine in Qatar, no?

I emailed these people way back last year but my message was boring, it was a I-am-looking-for-a-writing-job-if-you-have-any-position-please-let-me-know. Boring right? I knew they'd probably Trash it right away so last night, on a whim I emailed them with some real opinion and got back an unexpected reply

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