Saturday, June 22, 2013

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Tea Review: Tipu's Chai from Dean & Deluca

Out of curiosity I wanted to check out this place, the bright fluorescent light drew me in. I thought it looked a lot like Cold Storage in KLCC, with all sorts of imported food products (mainly expiring jams, pasta sauces, bottled pickles, some duck caviar, fresh food and bottled juices) Basically the high-end Brit stuff you don't get at Carrefour, Lulu and Family Food Center. Again I bought the chai bags from this place, and a bottle of chili jelly. Chili jelly you ask? Like I said out of curiosity. Chili jelly is just fancy name for thick chili spread that also doubles as chili sauce. Leave it to the Brits to come up with fancy names to make a product look interesting. Much of the ingredients were hidden behind a sticker with Arabic explanation so you have to peel that back to read it.

Dean & Deluca were running a buy one free one promotion, and the free product being the cheaper of the two, so I picked the tea which was at 49 riyals and the chili spread; at 29. They also had the decaffeinated tipu's chai but meh, I like my caffeine. Plus it's Jew friendly. Didn't know they drank chai too!

I haven't try this out yet but I will update this blog entry when I do

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