Saturday, June 22, 2013

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Tea Review: Ceylon Tea Bags from Marks & Spencer

The other night I went to Landmark and did tea shopping from where else but M&S! After 100 years of imperialism practiced in India and all part of fold, the Brits have acquired and perfected the tea recipe like-able by all, both Indian and Caucasians alike. Enough melodrama let us explore their Ceylon tea bags. Of course the recipe printed on the back of their box requires you to boil water, add the tea bags and THEN add the milk. I just throw in milk, tea bags and sugar and let it to boil. Tastes way better. Odd how they got the ingredients right but not the recipe. Hmmmm

The tea wasn't yellow (not much tannin) but it tasted great. I still miss the real taste of real Dimbulla tea, and the strawberry/raspberry tea bags I bought from Sri Lanka some years back; I still can't find that taste in M&S strawberry tea bags. M&S taste sourish but smells good, on the other hand the one packed in Sri Lanka has a sweet and berry-ish smell and the taste is doesn't pucker your tongue.

Available in M&S in both Landmark and Villagio Mall, at a discounted price of 10 riyals. I bought a few other flavors too, they were going for 10 and 12 riyals. Seemend like a good bargain; whatnot with the products' expiring date closing in. I'll review them when I open them up

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