Thursday, July 11, 2013

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Broccoli, kubbe and burgers!

Some weeks back, I was trying to finish off all the processed stuff from my fridge to make space for all the incoming mock meat from Malaysia. I had a bottle of Kraft's heatable cheese spread, some burger buns, frizen bean patties and a frozen packet of Arabic potato and beans kubbe and some vegetables. Things take long time to go bad here, whatnot with the extremely dry weather.

So here are some pictures after the jump. The broccoli I had then boiled and dipped in hot cheese sauce and the kubbes were topped with the same cheese sauce. The soup was easy to do, just cook the vegetables and pour in some black pepper, Maggi's seasoning (so you can skip salt) soy sauce and a touch of vegetarian oyster sauce to thicken the soup and give it a dark color. I also had some dipping sauce leftover from Papa John's pizza (tomato dipping sauce for pizza and garlic-onion dipping sauce for garlic sticks) Here in middle east, they're not big on chilli sauce so every time you order out food they give you sachets of tomato sauce and black pepper, so you mix them both to get chilli/hot sauce taste. Lame, huh?

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