Monday, July 1, 2013

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Laksa Udon

Last week I tried my luck in cooking Korean udon noodles with nyonya laksa paste. This is tricky because udon noodles are really thick and slippery so the curry doesn't stain the noodles and it remains white despite being cooked in boiling laksa soup. I would recommend you adding a pinch of turmeric powder and coconut milk to give it the yellowish look and stain the noodles. So anyways I did the lazy thing, that is to cook it with a ready made laksa paste, and this is my favorite brand. When my husband went back to Malaysia for the weekends he came back bag-loaded with Asian pastes and noodles. I wished all the Chinese leafs came from China instead of Holland because they can get pretty expensive over here and I have to ration my bok choy. What I used to get for RM 3 back home costs me a minimum 26 riyals

Boiled potatoes, cut kai choy (bak choy), pre-cooked dried tofu cut into squares and tomatoes

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