Monday, July 1, 2013

# food # party

Farewell Parties

I don't understand the farewell party trend in Doha. Everyone I know has two farewell parties, which really in my opinion defeats its purpose but hey, whatever works here! So anyways I was at Spice Market in W with my husband for a friend's farewell party and here are some pictures from the party. I am putting up the cocktail menu for you because they have happy hour everyday from 5-7.30 pm with a buy-one-free-one-free-snack promo for cocktail. Keep in mind that they always change their cocktail menu (probably on weekly basis because two weeks ago they didn't have Hibiscus Belini on their menu) and some time before that they removed ginger margarita but had to bring it back because of the demand

Luckily we kept our tabs separate because the bill came up to 1500 riyals

Finishing it off at Wahm


  1. Superb photos from farewell party. I really enjoyed having a look at these pictures. My sister also hosted such a fun dinner bash recently. It was a family party that was organized at one of popular rooftop Seattle venues. All the food and desserts were super amazing. Loved everything.