Tuesday, July 30, 2013

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Turkish Marzipan

I picked this up on a whim, having tasted some of the best marzipan chocolates from my childhood and my old working place. Someone went to Germany and came back with 20kg of chocolates and while everyone jumped in head first for the cherry filled and whatnot shit filled I went for the marzipan. They had potato rolled marzipan, flavored marzipan and marzipan chocolate bars. Asians don't really appreciate marzipan because of its texture and taste but if you like cookie dough ice cream and fondant then you will like marzipan the same. Well, if you still don't like that then what the hell fuck you. I have well traveled family members and they come back with the one thing everyone loves-exotic chocolates. (Lindt are not exotic I don't know how the Swiss can be in any way be proud of it, the same way Turks shamelessly call simit as an edible bagel beats the common sense out of my fucking brains)

Anyways this marzipan was too sweet but you could smell and taste the fruit when it comes near your mouth. So overall in a scale of then, Ottoman's marzipan would be at an average 5

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