Tuesday, July 30, 2013

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Glistening Wantan Noodles

I got my recipe all wish-washed the last time I tried my hands into making the perfect tasting wantan noodles. This time around I made sure I worked with patience and plenty of boiling water.

First things first, I brought 2 litres of water to boil then slowly put in the wantan noodles with hand, at the same time separating the strands from its flour coating. I let it boil for 5 mins then add in plenty of sesame oil (I used about 3 spoonfuls for a packet of wantan noodles)

Then I strained them and washed them under running lukewarm water (I didn't have cold water) When you drain them again they should look glistening, with the sesame oil all settled in between the noodle strands.

While the noodles are still warm, put them into a mixing bowl (I used the same saucepan I used to boil them, sans the water) add vegetarian sambal ikan bilis sauce, mushroom and oyster sauce, sweet soya sauce and a bit of caramel to give it a black color. I also added fried mock meat with my noodles. And believe me, the noodles tasted just like the wantan mee I used to eat back in Malaysia

the husband got this from Malaysia

This I got from Family Food Center

also from Malaysia, it's a novelty not sold here because it the producers are not halal

This sauce is available in both Lulu and Family Food Center, I got mine from the first

deep fried mock chicken

deep fried mock duck

The wantan noodles~

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