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Geneva : Lake, Swans, Old Money, Red Cross and United Nations

We reached Geneva really late, almost close to midnight. Google Map was no help either because the train we took stopped a good 900 meters from the hotel and luckily there were two girls walking down the street so we stopped them for directions and they walked with us to the hotel; at the same time giving us some insight of tourists attractions. Imagine that, 2 young girls walking around at the middle of the night, so it gave us an impression that this place must be safe to wander about at DAY and NIGHT. The Swiss are so timely, the train was never late and they're so reliable to get you from one point to another. I reviewed the hotel we stayed on TripAdvisor so I'm going to skip that bit here and go straight to the day trip. We only had one night, and half of the next day here before we took the train to Zurich and spend 3 days and 2 nights there. So what did we do? We took the tram to Geneva Cornavin, parked our luggage closest to our platform station, and wandered about with the free Geneva Transport Card. All the hotels in Geneva carry this pass where as a tourist you're entitled to use their public transportation for free. If you stay in Geneva for 10 days, you can ask for your hotel for 10 passes (they're only valid for a day) Swiss public transportation runs on honor system, there is no machine to swipe your card, no coin slots dispensing tickets and no conductors to check if you have your ticket on you. We spent 5 days in Switzerland and not once we were asked for our tickets every time we board the trams

We took the 2 hour open-air vintage mini-train excursion following the "International Tour" on Line 3, and the guide stopped at points of interest so we could take pictures. We passed by the Flower/Floral Clock, the Eau d' Jet at Lake Geneva, circled the lake itself, went up the hill to the high end residential area where the "cheapest car is 5 million Euro" well at least that's what the guide told us. We passed by Peace Street where Gandhi himself sat prostrated in black granite. Additionally we also passed by the following places:

UNHCR, ITU, Nations Square, WCC, ERTO, ILO, WHO, ICRC, UN, Ariana Museum, WILO, WMO, Botanical Garden, WTO, Parks, Wilson Palace, Brunswick Monument, Rousseau Island, Geneva's Fountain, Parks, Nautical Society of Geneva, English Garden, National Monument

 The Nautical Society of Geneva

 Jet D' Eau

The Floral Clock

 The United Nations

 UN High Commissioners for Refugees

International Museum of the Red Cross Museum and Red Crescent

 Actual misplaces Russians live in this yard, complete with their own school and medical systems. It's like a mini Russia in Geneva

 The three legged chair is across the Palace of Nations, and it represents the atrocities caused by landmines and cluster bombs IEDs to human limbs and body parts

 The reason it's called President Wilson is because he himself did stay there in the hotel

International Labor Office

Gandhi on Peace Street
The tour cost us about 20 Francs each and it was well spent I'd say. If you don't have much time you can always take these type of excursion. They had Spanish and English commentary when we boarded it.

A local sandwich shop that had a good selection of fresh and tasty bagel sandwiches

 Aftee we bought our bagel, the shop began crowding with you can see from the before and after pictures shown below

 They actually have shops at Metro for people to shop

Time is Rolex, after all in Switzerland

There weren't much tourist in Geneva and we spent a good time relaxing and watching the swans and ducks at the lake

 Where the rich stay

Someone had a personal tram service to reach his house on top of the hill

The flea market at Plaine de Plainpalais

En route to Zurich

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