Saturday, September 21, 2013

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Chili Labneh and Zatar Labneh Spread on Bread

If there was one thing that the dill of Arabs got right, it is the labneh. I absolutely love it, and it's edible in so many ways. You could use is as bread spread, chips dip and even eat it on its own. Its thick as hell, even thicker than your run of the mill yogurt or my mum's home made yogurt.

So anyways I had two flavors of labnehs lying around in the fridge; the olive spread and the chili flavored spread so I used them both on the bread loaf that I have into bite sizes partially because I know my husband wouldn't touch it with a foot long pole if I had used it like jam on the whole bread and also because I wanted to finish the whole lot today, and I was too lazy to cook a meal knowing just how filling the labneh is

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