Thursday, September 19, 2013

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All In one Food Reviews

I was going thru my hand phone and found a lot of old images of the food I have cooked. Being lazy as I am today (probably due to prowling in the gym fir 3 hours) I will just put up all the images and write a short description of everything that I've tried cooking and how it fared

Vege Chicken Drumsticks and Vege Nyonya Asam Cod Fish

The Asam fish was ready made and came with its own sauce, I just have to thaw the packet out, add in some water, chilli sauce and soya sauce to give it an additional taste. The drumsticks required more work, I made a coctail of chili and tomato sauces and added in the deep-fried drumsticks. They were good. I think the drumsticks made all the difference. Mental note: buy this brand when I go back Malaysia.

Simit with Vege Rendang Curry

My husband loves these easy to cook mutton and chicken curries, they come in this silver packets and they cook fast. He is a messy cook so they come in handy. Anyways I had two day old simit from my return stop at Istanbul (yeah, the review is long over due) so I decided to experiment a little bit. I cut simit into bite size and let them cook with the mutton curry sauce to soften it. The whole thing turned out really tasty and the husband loved it

For this recipe I used the mutton curry

The simit bread. Really just Turkish bagel

Made In EU Mock Meat

You have to give them some credit, they don't use preservatives, coloring and MG wildly like how we do so their mock meat tastes bland, but it gives you an opportunity to add in your own spices to taste it to your liking. Which is why after so trying so many of their mock meat, I decided the only thing I liked was their burger patty.

The only thing worth eating from Fry's

Oh my god, this thing literarily tasted like cardboard slices. It was that awful

The wieners were passable, I chopped them into small cubes and fried them with noodles

Mix vegetables

I stir-fried the vegetables and added in the mix vege cooking paste; a bit of water and voila~ Mix Vegetables

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