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Make Up Review: Sedona Lace Concealer Palette

Bloggers and you tube makeup gurus have raved so much about Sedona Lace concealer palette for far too long that I just had to get one for myself to see and experience myself it's greatness. So one fine day I decided to Google them up and check out their make up items for sale. They had a great collection of make up brushes but I had recently splurged on expensive M.A.C brushes as well as some (not so expensive) brushes from Body Shop. The shop itself is going to go for revamp in City Center Doha so everything was on buy 1-free-1 or buy 2-free-1 sale, where I got a great deal on a blending brush (60 riyals) and a free blusher brush. OK, enough about blending brushes and lets go to the overall experience purchasing online from Sedona Lace's website. 
The parcel

The palette in bubble wrap

Second bubble wrap cover

This palette has a wide range of colors to go with every skin color there is on this planet and also for my personal use for face contouring. I know M.A.C has a great range of concealer colors but they are very expensive here in Doha, one costs about 89 riyals and its thick as hell, when I tried it on, it looked like someone had smeared brown cake on my hand. I wanted to try Bobbi Brown concealer, since I have been using their foundation and compact powder for years now, but then it was already so expensive with MAC so I decided against it and went online. Bobbi Brown's foundation costs about RM 150. The whole palette inclusive of shipping cost me the same amount of money plus Sedona threw in 2 eye shadow samplers. I know I am not a make up expert but I tried on all the colors from the palette and found them creamily yummy for my face
The black casing

The palette front 

The palette back view listed its ingredients

Now about shipping, I know a lot of Malaysian buyers prefer Malaysian re-sellers or retailers because you know PosLaju will deliver anything in 5 days max but since Sedona didn't have any Malaysian sub-seller, I had to use their postal service. The most basic provided is Registered USPS (which is like their version of PosLaju) The online tracking for USPS was outright stupid and poorly managed, the only update I've had until now is that my shipment had been sorted and departed from their sorting facility in Miami

I purchased their palette on 23rd August and received my item, despite a slightly incorrect address in Malacca on 2nd September. I had wanted to use it for my sister in law's engagement party but since it arrived one day later, I made do with my other makeup "utensils"  

The two free eye shadow samplers

The palette, my fingers shows the size of it
The actual image taken from Sedona's website

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