Friday, September 13, 2013

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Veggie Planet @Melaka Raya

The entrance of the restaurant is hidden behind a shade of slim and tall bamboo trees

The menu

The calm interior design

I had the Noyona curry ramen with vermicelli and the taste was so different. I couldn't taste the MSG of preservative in it which is commonly used in all Chinese vegetarian cooking. I could taste the curry in the soup, although I think the taste was tad bit on the bland side. 

The rice menu page. My mother in law had the fried rice and her OKU aunt had the asam laksa rice

The veggie Vietnamese roll was a fantastically fresh starter

The veggie asam pedas. I have tasted so many asam pedas and this was very unique. They had a cocktail of spices mixed to give out that truly authentic asam pedas taste

My mother in law's fried rice

My Nyonya ramen noodle

The emptied bowl

The asam pedas was the most tastiest meal on the table that night. We packed the leftover

The mother in law isn't a fan of brinjals

Our lemon grass tea pitcher. Oddly, they served the tea in shooter glasses instead of Chinese teapot and tea cupsWe had complimentary drinks which was mixed using natural sugar. The manager said that they don't use processed sugar for any for any of their cooking

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