Monday, September 9, 2013

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Yishensu Vegetarian @ BBT Klang

I reviewed this place earlier, the last time I went there the service wasn't that good (maybe because we went so late in the night, around closing time) and we were the only guests there so it wasn't that nice having your dinner while someone is splashing detergent on the floor and replacing table cloths. This time however, we were early. I called them 30 minutes before leaving for a reservation for 3 persons at 8pm. Being Malaysian, that usually meant 8.30pm and true to our Malaysianness, we reached at 8.45pm. They still had our reservations on hold, which meant we got a good table, an excellent server and a good view of the restaurant from where we sat.

I started off by inquiring the waitress for a starter, two main courses, and a stir fry vegetable dish. Here's what she recommended:

  • Chinese style fried rice, in the menu it is stated as "YeongChow" style fried rice
  • She recommended signature vege rendang but I decided with the Portuguese style mock fish (they didn't have Assam fish)
  • Tofu with chilli crab meat sauces
  • "lohan zhai" stir fry vegetables
  • Vege golden prawn with mayo dips (the bread roll was out of stock)
  • complimentary soup
  • A pot of "Pu-Er" tea
All in all it was a quiet affair, the food was good and the restaurant was packed, given that we went on a Saturday night. The tab came up to RM 80.30 with tax

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