Thursday, October 24, 2013

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Death by Speeding

I've lucked out one too many times in my life with my driving style. It usually involves with my speeding, doing it under the influence and driving, influencing and driving and whatnot. No more. When news about this kid's death reached me I felt so bad a memories surged clearly into my vision. My speeding to JB to test how far I can push my car. The memory of my getting wasted with водка in Morib. My brother. The horror of losing him, gosh it's scary isn't it?

Thank heavens (and all the Hindu Gods in it, flying around in their air chariots and their swans and whatnot magical fantastical fantasy world) I am just so glad I never knocked into anyone, no one knocked me over and thank heavens I hit no divider because if I did I'd end up just like this poor boy. The boy? Ok, pardon me for calling him a boy but he's really no boy. He's just a young adult making a name for himself, taking over his father's transportation business.

And it's his third death.

The first time he tried to commit suicide over love. Ah, young love when you have hormones raging and you cant'e get what you want then you take your own life. I think suicide and Indians are synonymous, they go hand-in-hand. I love you too, khalas 

The second time he cheated death was when he was driving too, but he survived. His Chinese female friend didn't. Khalas 

So, based on report obtained from my sister, he died from internal injury, where his organs failed because his blood vessels ruptured. And the airbags deployed. He was speeding. His eyes were wide open of the shock. They closed them in the mortuary

He was also pierced by the divider. On his stomach. Khalas

More pictures obtained from ondscene

I know this kid. I met him a few times. He wasn't such a bad kid. His parents were devastated. His aunt fainted at his funeral pyre. 

Every time I see a Qatari speeding in his Porsche, Toyota XL and whatnot huge ass gass guzzlers, two things creep up in my mind

Fuck you
You could be next


  1. that boy is priyal's nephew...don't speed and don't ever drink and drive