Thursday, October 24, 2013

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Old Food Review: Deutsche Chocolates

I was cleaning out the memory card from our old 14 megapixel Fujifilm and came across old pictures of chocolates back when I was working with itelligence. One of the manager had gone back to Germany with his Malaysian wife and came back with 20kg of chocolate for the office. For the life of me, I would never understand why people do that-I mean lugging around chocolates from dry to humid weather and risk them to melting the moment they touch base on Malaysian soil. But I am glad they did just that. They were absatively (absolutely + positively) amazing and it reminded me of the chocolates Sogo used to sell before they went horridly bankrupt in Japan. I love chocolates, and I don't think I've given fair amount of review for these chocolates. If the Germans got three things right, its their sausages, relationship with Russia and chocolates

dusted sugar covered Christmas yule log

I had tried too many a variety of whiskey/alcohol stuffed cherry chocolates I figured a picture would just suffice

I still remember how this tasted like. The rum was warm and nice and it melted so nicely in your mouth just like a good behaved rum in a chocolate

And since no one at work liked chocolate coated rum, I ate most of it

I don't know how the rest tasted like, but the squares on the right most had Turkish Delight like filling in it, but I was pretty sure it wasn't Turkish Delight. Maybe black forest I don't know but that was chocolate I liked. If memory serves me right, the top most box had some biscutti

I think people hated this, but if you love cookie dough then I don't blame you for liking this. It's basically a sweeten potato dough. The best way to describe it's taste is to think of gulab jamun. Think adding sugar to your gulab jamun dough and then frying it. Think sweet rotli dough (how this wasn't thought beats the hell out of me brain)

After years of stuffing my face silly with chocolates I am surprised how I even managed to evade diabetes

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