Tuesday, October 29, 2013

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Doha Review: Anise Tea

The other day, the husband and I did some "Indian grocery" shopping at Family Food Centre near Airport. Among other things, he picked a tea box with a picture of anise on it. Anise tea. Who would have thought they have it here or that it even existed. Today I boiled a single sachet in water. It had a great aroma. For that I will rate it 10/10 And that's the furthest I will go for this tea. The first sip. It tasted like my mum's 10 year old lipstick wax. So horrible it was, that it instantly reminded me of old lipstick. You know you can smell the wax off the dried/soggy lipstick

I don't know why anyone would even buy this crap, and God know what manufacturer puts in the tea bags

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