Friday, October 25, 2013

The Reception Dress

Every time I go back to Malaysia, I never seem to make time for myself for anything. I squeeze all my shopping in a limited time span, and this time span gets shorter and shorter every time I return. Both of us usually end up being the dogs in his family. So many errands, so many people, so less time, and so many unlawful unrealistic demands!

Anyways, enough gossip and let me talk about something nice. For weeks I have been pestering my husband to do evening dress shopping with me, but somehow we end up in Champions more than the fitting rooms in the malls so I gave up and decided to search online on my favorite online retailer. This time I got him involved and we both searched for a dress that we both liked. Finally we settled on a net dress with an attached silver sequin belt and back collar. I must say that the dress is rather off my budget but hell I can wear it when I am here so I got it!

Here are some pictures of the dress I bought online. I hope my nosy people are not reading this, heavens forbid these shabby dressers

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