Thursday, October 17, 2013

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Souq Waqif Revisited

This time with a 13 mega pixel Fujifilm to get the best out of Eid celebrations happening at the Souq (and everywhere else in Doha) The whole idea to go out tomorrow was to check out Damien Hirst's relics in The Cube at Al Cornice but it so happened that they were closed at 5pm, and by time we reached at 6pm after half a day spent lazying at the Souq we were turned away. The guard there informed us that they only open till 8pm starting from tomorrow. No surprise there that the newspaper printed the wrong information-AGAIN
Where we bought our teas which were made in this tiny shack of a restaurant...

...the tiny peep hole where you can just make out his hands movements

The multi national restaurants serving a variety of cuisine

Yet another restaurant

Mozarella sticks, dipping sauce, tobasco sauce, tea and strawberry juice

So as we smoked shisha and ate at Deja Vu, we people watched and then this walked past...

And then were was a performance by this man who looked a lot like Ben Kingsley, and one of this fingernail was missing if you look closely at the second picture. He really only had one trick and that was to perch on his stick; vertically

 The missing fingernail and sag skin

The robotic performance, he sang some songs (chorus only) farted, joked and squirted water around. As I watched closely I noticed that there was a man inside and the whole suit was kept at a 14 Celcious temperature so he wouldn't be melting down halfway

I still have plenty of time to check out Damien's relics which I probably will in the next coming days

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