Tuesday, October 15, 2013

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Doha Review: Dralion Cirque Du Soleil @Aspire Dome

 And they don't get any cheaper than this!

I had the ticket seller show me the seats...not that they're allowed to but I wanted them to show me what options I had

Rather an expensive affair, considering that the tickets we got were 500 riyals a head but it was totally worth it. The make shift seats and ramp were kind of dangerous looking but overall it was a wonderful event (if you like the Cirque that is, that you must at least once in your lifetime experience it) They didn't allow photography but I managed somehow. They had a lot of ushers going about stopping people from recording or snapping the show

The stage and where I sat

This is an annual event, every year they have it at Aspire Dome near Villagio with the current Cirque running show. This year it was the East meets West concept. And really all the dancers are from the poorest of the poorest far Eastern and Northern European countries. I will give you an example; for the Chinese acrobat show they were from China and Mongolia. The lead guy is probably the only Canadian there, and the female lead looked like a man I was having a hard time recognising her as a female. I had to squint and squint to see if she had boobs and in the end I gave up. I assume she's a she

The participants taking the final bow

And because it was a Friday night that we went to see the show, we had hard time finding a cab, the was a snail-pace of a traffic outbound from Villagio Mall and we had to walk so much to in front to hail one and by then my makeup was running and I was in a foul mood. But then again, I was grateful we didn't have a car-the traffic was horrendous

Of course we continued the night at Champions until the band went back at 1.30am

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