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Doha Review: Al Jarir BookStore

While I can't books from the likes of MPH Bookstores, Kinokuniya Bookstore, Barnes & Nobles or even Popular Bookstores, there are a handful of bookstores here in Doha that sells mainstreams books; fiction, non-fiction, Arabic books, medical books, and more. Of course, they have limited books here. It's not like back home, where you can practically roll around in the mammothness of the bookstores and bask in the books day and night. Anyways, I will stop my swooning and continue with my review.

Jarir Bookstore is located on Salwa Road, Ramada Crossing. It's a 2-storey building attached to this mall (Fifty One East) next to a car showroom/French Cafe and opposite Starbucks Coffee and a slew of other fast food eatery. The ground floor of Jarir Bookstore sells electronics and gadgets and the books are on the 1st floor of the store. They have a section for children's books, adult books, Arabic books, SAT/GSCE books, medical books, and stationery (adult & children)

The bestsellers are really just books that sell well in Doha, not necessarily anywhere else on this planet. For example, Khaled Hosseini is very popular in Middle East and he is in the bestseller's list here but not Malcolm Gladwell

Anyways I'd say they have a decent collection of books, and if you're looking for the latest book or NYTimes bestsellers list here, prepare to be utterly disappointed

The books I found here were:

All of Paulo Coelho's books
All of Khaled Hosseini's books
Some of Dale & Dorothy's books
Plenty of Chicken Soup for the Soul books
Tons of Tinkle (made in India) comic books
Books on Parenting (and how the French got it right)
Adventures of Tintin
Captain Underpants
Teen romance
Adult romance
Arab romance
Plenty of Biography on Justin Bieber

Ground floor

Bargain books, 10 riyals each

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