Saturday, January 4, 2014

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Twin Tub Portable Washing Machine

We bought a twin tub portable washing machine from Jumbo Electronics in City Center. After a year of hand washing, and realising that it took more than the hand to get rid of the grim and sweat stains making a permanent home in my husband's shirts. The new portable machine was cheap, and it had a 30% discount off it (probably because it was the last piece/display stock. We were originally looking for a 2-plate hotplate and came across this washing machine sitting awkwardly in midst of hotplates and gas cookers. My husband saw it actually and I was immediately swooned, it looked so much like TwinTub UK and worked very well too! I tried it last night and today and I must admit the wash power is really good. All the major dirt, visible grime and collar stains went off after 3 washes. Because this is a portable washing machine, it is also a semi automatic washing machine, so you have to manually fill up the wash tank with water, manually turn the dial to spin to drain water and then manually spin dry it before you can hang it to dry. Unfortunately it doesn't come with a dryer function (I will probably buy one separately) so I have to dry it over the retractable rail in the bathroom.

Gone are the days of soaking the clothes in the bathtub! 

Gone are the days of manually wringing the clothes by hand!

But I am still keeping my heavy duty gloves; just in case!

Here are some pictures and videos after the jump!

Cost me 288 riyals

It's a Japan brand but as are all things in the world, it is always assembled or made in China



Water inlet fixed in. This is just a demo shot, I realised it's faster if I use direct pipe

See what I mean?

The clothes washing

Letting out the drain pipe to the toilet (for demo purposes)

As you can see, I was having a hard time turning the dial to drain

Using the spin function

Clothes are washed, spun and ready to hang dry

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