Sunday, February 9, 2014

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Doha Review: West Bay Shuttle Bus

The interior of the bus

  Double seats, carpet flooring

Today I took the chance to take a ride in the West Bay Black Shuttle Bus. Yeah, I added black to the sentence, well because the buses are painted black, the windows are tinted black, and its impossible to see who's inside, even at night. I book the Blue Line from QIIB station, and it circled around Hilton, Beach Tower, Asas Twin Towers, W, and the lot then went back to the main road and I got down at the Golden Bay Tower/Ezdan Hotel

the small tv behind the driver's seat

The lights (was switched off), the bell and the air cond

The curtain

The retractable leg rest

Here's some pictures of the bus. It looked decent and clean and had plenty of leg space to go about. Even after fully stretching my legs I still couldn't reach the leg rest

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