Tuesday, February 25, 2014

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The Pregnancy and The New Crib

The big and powerful word in a couple's life. Pregnancy. Let me enlighten you with when I found out I was pregnant. I wasn't expecting the pregnancy, not after having four glasses of wine two days before my husband's birthday and inhaling a good amount of smoke on his birthday, as a matter of fact I mistook the spotting as period! The only different feeling I had this time was the tenderness in my breasts. They felt very soft and when I ran at the mill, they hurt. I mistook them as a sign my period was due!

Come Friday the 7th I realized I was way past my period and decided to get a home test kit. My husband got tea while I went to the ladies and peed on the kit. It came back positive. I quickly flushed and made my way to him, waiting at the food court of City Center, nursing a cup of tea. I was stifling a huge smile but he saw it a mile away. I quickly sat down and announced the news. Ever the cautious one, he asked me to test again the next morning. I did and it was positive, although the line was faint. He called out from outside while I waited patiently in the loo for my second reading. It came back positive! I threw open the door and said "here, see for yourself" and gently threw the kit at a sleepy head on the bed. I made an appointment with my ob-gyn at Aster, Dr Sabitha. 

I was 6 weeks pregnant when I left Doha, and am now into my 8th week running. We decided to keep to ourselves the juicy little secret until the time is right to tell everyone.

Thank god I am alone in my new crib, with plenty of food and time to read up my book on pregnancy. Enjoying the time spent alone...ahh the bliss

And here are some snap shots of my new crib, after a big Ikea blowout

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