Thursday, July 10, 2014

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Food Review: Carrot Kheer

You know my one and half month of hiatus was partly because of my pregnancy, part pastry classes and part my laptop that went totally bust. I finally sold it off for RM 750 and with the money got some stuff for my baby!

With all the free time I had after quitting my classes I wrapped myself in the kitchen and tried out new recipes from my recipe book. I had too much recipes so I sorted them out according to cuisine. So I tried out some of the recipes I had at home and in Seri Kembangan. Of course everything tasted better at home than it did in Seri Kembangan, maybe because it was done with so much love. in SK it was done out of responsibility so sometimes I go into machine mode.  *Terminator*

Anyways I think I took this recipe from Pandu's Kitchen (just google it I am not pasting her link here, its a new laptop OK) and it turned out very swell at home! It was just amazing the taste and color and my aunt lent me a hand with boiling the milk. In SK I was rushing between 3 recipes (the husband was landing on that day) and accidentally overloaded it with too much almond-cashew powder. Anyways the first version turned out simply amazing (brother's birthday lunch)

1. My mom helped me shred the carrots and then I fried them in ghee until they browned a bit and became soft.

2. I blended cashews and almonds, it should add up to half a teacup, because once you blend it it will become twice the volume. I think this just depends on you, like how much of nuts you want in your milk because this shit is going to thicken your milk

3. Thats me boiling the milk. I used fresh milk. So I boiled it until the milk reduced to about 2/3 of the pot. The guideline you follow is that if it's reduced to half then you're on the right path, when you run the milk down your spatula or whatever it should be thick. If it's not thick it's ok, as long as its reduced to half it's original measurement you're good. Remember the nuts we blended together? That will thicken the milk if you didn't

4. I then added the carrots, the blended nuts and mixed them well. Once everything is fine and dandy you turn off the gas and add a pinch of cardamom powder. You can add cinnamon powder too. If you like the smell and taste. Lastly I added a pinch of saffron

5. Presentation haha

6. You can see all the ghee floating in the cup. I am not a ghee fan so I took one cup

7. As you can see I blended the nuts coarsely and there were a few bits of almonds in the kheer

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