Thursday, July 10, 2014

# 7 layer rainbow cake # eggless rainbow layer cake

Food Review : Eggless 7 Layer Rainbow Cake

Now where did I take the recipe from? I can't remember. I think I put two recipes together but got the measurement right because you know pasrty is all about precision!

The purple color went into the oven first

Then was the blue

The purple color didn't come out right so we ate that off at tea time

The green layer

The yellow layer

The orange layer

The red layer

The red layer cooling down on a wire rack

Beating the butter cream frosting with hand, yeah tedious and it should never be attempted manually. You need an electric whisk

The layers after been chilled in the fridge

Cutting off excess top and sides

Butter cream + blue coloring for the blue layer

For the green layer I spread some fig jam and the rest had butter cream

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