Saturday, July 12, 2014

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Food Review: Rice Bhajia/Pakora

I printed this recipe years ago and never had the chance to make it because the ingredients list was too long. When I finally had to opportunity to use the rice it was because the rice I had was BITTER and the MIL didn't want to throw it away. I hated the rice to begin with, it was soaked in oil and came from two or three different rice brands. Well, actually they were free rice which were used in temple prayers  and given away to people for free. It smelled of Indian incense at first and then tasted awfully bitter. I recommend you store your rice in dry and air tight container and don't mix the shit with oil and all that. And don't you fucking dare mix old rice with new rice. Just finish the old rice first before emptying the new bag in the rice container. And if you have bitter rice just FEED IT TO THE PIGEONS

I boiled the rice first, and added yogurt into it. Then I let it cool off

What I had was spring onions (I went overboard with spring onions and farted throughout the night), cooked rice, red ball pepper, onions and spinach (just the leaves)

Added in some turmeric, baking soda, chili powder and salt to taste. Again don't whack the baking soda your pakora will come out too brown outside and undercooked on the inside

Add in the rice

Mix well and taste if everything is up to your taste

To hold the bhajia together, you're going to need a binding agent. I used channa powder and rose flour (wheat flour)

And they came out alright

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