Thursday, July 10, 2014

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Food Review: Eggless Steamed Chocolate Cake

Personally this cake was wonderful and best eaten while still warm. It melts in your mouth, oh so divinely and if you like you can pipe warm chocolate into the cake, kind of like piping an eclair. But please pipe from the bottom!

I took this recipe online from someone I can't even remember which blog but if you google for steamed chocolate cake you will find the recipe there. I copied her recipe but instead of using small ramekins I used small round tin cans

I also think you need to add more baking soda + baking powder but don't go overboard with the baking powder otherwise your cake will rise too much at one end. It happened to me during my pastry classes with banana muffins, and I followed the recipe measurement by measurement

I made this on the MIL's birthday as her dinner dessert but of course she doesn't appreciate the finer things in life and she said it has too much cocoa *roll eyes And that was the last I baked any cake for her.

Preparing the ingredients

Whisking the yogurt and baking powder + baking soda together

Vanilla essence and flour added in

After mixing in the vegetable oil and cocoa powder. Don't over fold it, fold it gently

Foil wrap it before you put it in the steamer

Cut it with cookie mold and dust it with icing sugar to hide all ugly cracks underneath

Presentation : Belgian chocolate dipped cherries

How the cake looked on the inside

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  1. Looks amazing - love the simple eggless recipe., Thanks for sharing....!