Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Birthday!

When you grow older, birthdays become less happier because you know you're a year closer to death. Now that I have my fear of death conquered I need to conquer the fear of being a hopelessly stupid full-time housewife. What have I achieved in the 29 years of my life? Let's see....

A. Some pretty cool IT certificates
B. A decent working experience
C. Went around the world
D. Got married
E. Got pregnant
F. Got wasted way too many times in my life
G. Yeah, I did weed in Amsterdam! In your face LOSERS!

Well, these are the high points of my life. Don't get me started with the low points of my life. They're plenty and they're pretty selfish, retarded, ugly and shitty. Not me, but them or it or whatever

Haha I can be pretty mean at times, but most of the times I am aloof so I often overlook the crappy and the shitty

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